Friday, 10 February 2017


Last night at the pool I helped out with the sausage sizzle. I asked everyone what kind of sauce they wanted... I think I did a good job. What do you think?


  1. Hi James

    Hi James, I am really sorry I didn't get a chance to come and get a sausage from you. I think that is the most original sausage sizzle I have ever seen. I hope I will get a chance to be your customer another time.
    From Mrs Hooker

  2. You were awesome James! Mine had Mrs O on it. Thanks for helping because Mr B needed you. Keep up the great work and we love that smile too!
    Mrs O

  3. James we agreed in your action plan that we would utilise your strengths ie your empathy for others and your leader ship.
    You nailed it last night!
    Doesn't it feel great when you get positive feedback for making such a positive contribution to Grey Main School
    Thank you James - this is just the start of the things we can do . League is on its way!

  4. Hi James. Yes you are quite right, you did a great job last night on the BBQ. I was most impressed at your labeling every piece of bread with each child's name written in sauce. Awesome job!

  5. Great Job James. Not many people get an applause from the school, like you did at assembly. The little thing you did at the BBQ put lots of smiles on peoples faces. What a good thing to be remembered for

  6. Kia Ora James
    Its Richard here you did pretty well didn't you James. I have a good skill of writing anything on a sausage. Do you like doing it.
    From Richard


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